T i V o Hack Manager 

What is hackman?

Hack Manager is a plug-in module for TivoWeb and TivoWebPlus that allows the user to start and stop TiVo hacks, such as telnet, tivoftp, TiVo Control Station, TyStudio, tytools, cron, YAC, autospace, EndPadPlus, elseed, elseedyac, ccxstream, etc.

Optionally, the user may elect to include remote reboot capabilities and the ability to execute bash command lines. Hackman also has the ability to edit text files on the TiVo, such as startup scripts (including rc.sysinit) and config files for other programs.  NOTE: Please read the warnings about these features!

Hackman includes support for xPlusz commands and backdoor codes as well as incorporating JJBliss's bufferhack, KeepUpTo and TCTimout utilities.  Hackman also provides protection against reboot cycling caused by corrupted guide data and can correct the time zone to accommodate changes in the start and end dates of Daylight Savings Time. New features and updates to stay current with the most recent TivoWebPlus release are being added continuously.

I hope you enjoy using a project that started in early 2004 and continues to this day! That day ended when TiVo and DTV messed up the system beyond repair in 2011.

David R. Http:/ (PortlandPaw), Christmas Eve, 2007

Hackman Screen Shot

Latest hackman Version:

NOTE: The latest version of hackman is compatible with TWP 2.0.0.  Please report any problems on the appropriate TiVo forums linked below.

Hackman is also believed to be compatible with development version 2.1.bx.  However, since hackman hasn't been thoroughly tested with 2.1, problems may exist. Again, please report any problems on the appropriate TiVo forums linked below.

The file section includes hackman Version 4.2.8 for use with TivoWeb and TivoWebPlus prior to Version 1.4.  I recommend the use of the latest version of TWP with the latest version of hackman, available in the file section.


Before clicking on hackman program files, be sure to understand the
(sorry, but I was forced to move backwards)
(latest version only; see ReadMe to install Version 4.2.8)

1.  Click on the hackman program link above
2.  Download the hackman .tgz file to a known location on your computer
3.  Use tivoftp to copy the file to your /var/hack directory (or the directory
     containing TivoWebPlus) and then telnet to your TiVo
4.  cd /var/hack
     (or appropriate directory)
5.  tar xvzf hackman-V7.1.0.tgz
     (for example -- use current version number)
6.  If that doesn't work or if you don't have tar on your TiVo, use
     gzip -dc hackman-V7.1.0.tgz | cpio -iduH tar
7.  Do a Full Restart of TivoWebPlus

Once the new hackman module is installed, there's an easier way to upgrade to the next version -- look for hackman's "Update" function on the Commands Page!

For details see the ReadMe

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ReadMe Documentation:     
  Hackman documentation - Version 4.2.8

Hackman documentation - Latest Version


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