Martha Hamilton's sketch of Islander

M/V Islander
by Martha Hamilton
Chebeague Island, Maine

Route One Lot Resumes Operations
Shuttle Bus Back in Service

The new CTC Route 1 Parking Lot
is now located near the
junction of I-95 and U. S. Route 1

THANK YOU for all your patience as the CTC Board and the CTC employees try to make your company work better and work more efficiently for you. Please bear with us as we try new ideas and then discover new problems. There will be a brochure available on the boat that explains recent changes. The deckhands will answer any questions you might have, or will get those answers for you. The next time you see a CTC employee, please thank her or him for working so hard to make your company better.

  • NEW! Forecaster: "Blanchard lot dispute heads to court" (11/16/00)

  • Portland Press Herald: "Chebeague ferry parking dispute may go to trial" (11/3/00)

  • Forecaster: "Judge to rule on motion on ferry lawsuit" (6/29/00)

  • Forecaster: "Ferry dispute heating up again" (5/4/00)

  • Yarmouth Town Council Resolution (4/24/00)
  • Letter from MDOT Commissioner John Melrose, 3/23/99
    (Information about the Adobe Reader)

  • Text of The MDOT Decision (7/16/98)

  • "Who do I write to?"

  • Past articles about access to Chebeague

  • BOAT FARES AS OF MAY 1, 2000
    Adult Stockholder, Blanchard permit holder, one way $2.75
    Adult Stockholder, Non-Blanchard permit holder, one way $3.00
    Adult, one way $5.00
    Commuter, one way $2.00
    Child Stockholder, Blanchard permit holder family, one way $1.00
    Child Stockholder, Non-Blanchard permit holder family, one way $1.10
    Child full fare, one way $1.25
    Babies (under 1 year old) no charge
    Dog, one way $1.25
    Bicycles, one way $3.00

    In order to facilitate a change in the fiscal year to a calendar year, the parking fees will be due March 10, 2000. This will pay for a parking space for nine months from April 1 to December 31, 2000.
    Blanchard Lot $325
    Route One Lot $275
    Daily (either lot, any time) $10

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